This is not a test … this is ROCK AND ROLL!

Okay, so after six months of owning, I finally have the means to post regular updates to it.

And I’m drawing a blank.

That’s discouraging for someone who makes his living as a writer.

If you’ve surfed on over here, it’s probably because you saw my most recent film Stonehenge Apocalypse and want to give me either a hearty pat on the back, or to spit in my face. That’s right, I’m a screenwriter by trade and take full ownership of the awesomeness that was and is STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, the SyFy original that premiered in June 2010 to record ratings. Reviews have even been somewhat kind, with Innsmouth Free Press actually singling out my contribution in a positive light, and Dread Central saying it registered “a high magnitude on the Richter scale of ridiculousness.”

There are a share of negative reviews too, but I’ll let you seek them out. All I’ll say is that they’re written by uniformly boring people who lack the sense of humor or self-awareness to realize when something is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek piss take on disaster movies. The types who judge a movie called STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE upon one glance at the title. The types who would give their right arm for the opportunity to write something called STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE and cry bitter tears with each passing day that they realize they only write about movies, since nobody’s lining up to ask them to write one themselves.

Can you tell how much I dig the title STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE? Is the near half dozen mentions of it not enough of a clue?  I’ll detail more background on the project and my involvement with it over the coming months.

So now that I’m unleashed upon the world wide web (estimated time before I somehow manage to destroy it: three days from now), I plan to offer a frank, honest and entertaining look into the life of a screenwriter, the projects I’m working on, the ones that got away, and the ones that escaped despite everyone’s best efforts to subdue them.

There will be profanity.

There will be blood.

There will not be boredom.