I just spent the last twenty minutes, give or take, cleaning out the several hundred spam messages that have cluttered the messageboards.  Well, they would have, had I not set it so all comments have to be approved before posting.  But, the point is that those twenty minutes are twenty minutes I’m not getting back.  I could have spent those minutes doing actual work, but instead they were not.

So, until I find a better way to filter the spambots, comments have been disabled until further notice.  Most of you regular visitors comment on FB, and now have the option to do so on my Twitter page (#NotBradAbraham).  I encourage you to visit both as it’s nice to be loved, even in a non-intensive, minimal-internet-effort kind of way.

I’m neck deep in rewriting my novel, and on a revamped TV pilot I’m Exec Producing, so there’ll be more news on those fronts in the coming weeks (as well as a few surprises).  So, stay tuned …

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I'm the author of MAGICIANS IMPOSSIBLE, writer and creator of MIXTAPE, the screenwriter of STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, ROBOCOP PRIME DIRECTIVES, and FRESH MEAT. My television work includes THE CANADA CREW, NOW YOU KNOW, and I LOVE MUMMY.