Ongoing History

If you don’t know Alan Cross, you should.  He’s a well-known music personality, author, and radio host, who created the long-running, syndicated program The Ongoing History of New Music.  This program was essential listening for anyone who considered music to be more than just music.  The show ran on Toronto’s CFNY from 1993 to 2011 and was incredibly in-depth, taking an hour or two to focus on one band or one wave of alternative rock.  Alan has a new program called The Secret History of Rock, airing every Sunday, and thankfully available in an archive which can be accessed right here.

Of course, I bring Alan up because he’s given Mixtape some attention on his official blog, particulary pertaining to the digital version of the book.  Check it out here.

Anyway, a month back he did a show on what he considered the 10 essential alt rock albums; the ones that no record collection is complete without.  They span the late 60s to the early 90s – the period that most influenced Mixtape’s genesis.  I can state proudly that I own 9 of the 10* (though, if I may, the lack of any Pixies is a little disturbing)

If you look at the characters in Mixtape – Jim, Terry, Noel, Lorelei and Siobhan – chances are all of these albums are in their combined collections, with the exception of Nevermind (as Mixtape starts in September 1990, we’re a year out from the Grunge explosion, though you can be certain in the post September 1991 world, they all own copies of it).

I’ve already listed my top 15 albums here, but for those interested in Alan’s picks, you can listen here to the archived show.  I strongly urge you do so.

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