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Today was supposed to be the day MIXTAPE arrived in stores and on iTunes.  In an alternate universe, these two things likely happened.

But, this is our world, and it’s a world fraught with hiccups and gremlins derailing what one always hopes is a smooth ride, but more often or not is one of those slow-motion trainwrecks you hear about but never see.

I already made mention that the print edition of MIXTAPE is delayed until the end of March.  We had hoped the iTunes digital version would be ready today as compensation for that delay, but as of this writing it is not.  Once I have the details from then as to when and where you can download it, I’ll post that info here.

One advantage of the delay is it’s given us more time to get the word out that MIXTAPE is coming soon.  We’ll have some additional media in the coming days and weeks and will work double-time to wind the unspooled tape back into the cassette.

Thanks for bearing with us. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Nirvana’s Bleach was recorded for $606.17

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