Anyone Got A Pencil?

Okay I’ll cut to the chase; Mixtape #2 will be delayed. The good news is this should only be a short one.  We’ve had to switch printers and that process has taken longer than we hoped, but the digital files are out the door, and as soon as they can give us a pub date we’ll share it here and on the Facebook page.

[There’s also the matter of Hurricane Sandy barreling up the East Coast. I live in NYC. Printer’s in Maryland. Expect delays there too.]

As frustrating as it is for you fans, it’s doubly so for yours truly.  Mixtape #1 arrived in stores in April, and here we are approaching November and #2 is still in the wings.  One thing I am going to work towards in 2013 is to ensure Mixtape arrives on a more consistent basis.  Fortunately we have great fans who’ve been incredibly supportive and understanding of the challenges of getting an indie book like ours out to stores.

Once I have the new pub. date, so will you.

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