Things To Come

If I’ve been a little silent lately it’s with good reason. On January 4th I commenced work on my next book. I can’t go into much detail about subject, or planned completion, or even publication. But nearly seven weeks in it’s been the most fun I’ve had writing anything in my twenty-plus year career. Instead, gaze upon the image above and some key-words from various points of research. Any ideas what this one is going to be about?

3 thoughts on “Things To Come

  1. Well, I see vampirism, I see Whitechapel and Boer War … so I’m guessing a period piece involving vampires?

  2. Wait a second. I know this don’t I? Not to give anything away but wasn’t this a thing you were working on waaaaay back a while ago? If it is what I think it is consider me very excited!

  3. LeeAnn – you’re right!
    Andrew – you’re sort of right. Same basic premise, different story/characters/outcome.

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