The Picco Incident

“Art is never finished – merely abandoned.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

So way back in 2012 I did some script work on a little sci-fi indie called The Picco Incident for Little Engine Entertainment. This was to be a “found footage” sci-fi thriller about a family menaced by extraterrestrials. Coming at the tail end of the FF era of low-budget horror, it was filmed in 2012.

Then … nothing. Stuff happened. Life happened.

Little Engine did what they could to push Picco, to get people interested. but I think the timing was just off for yet another found footage film. That despite the fact that as scripted this FF thriller had a twist to it that – to my knowledge – no other FF film had done to that point (or since, for that matter).

Regardless, it sat on the shelf for a long time. Almost ten years in fact. Long enough to become a period piece about life in 2012.

So needless to say I was quite surprised when, late last year, the folks at Little Engine notified me that Picco was finally coming out, as a re-cut, re-conceived web series to debut on the Sci-Fi Central YouTube Channel:

I haven’t seen it yet but I’m told it’s quite different from the movie we shot ten years ago. I’m quite looking forward to it. The seven-episode series (episodes about ten minutes a piece) begins airing … right now, actually:

So I encourage each and every one of you to check out the first episodes and bookmark the channel. A new installment will drop every two weeks.


So far The Picco Incident is getting great numbers; almost 20,000 views of the first two episodes in less than a week, which is fantastic for a web-series with largely unknown cast and crew. I’ll continue to update this post with links to each new episode as it drops.

To that end, here’s Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

UPDATE update:

The Picco Incident’s seven chapters have been viewed collectively over 100,000 times in the first month. Thanks to everybody who watched!

16 thoughts on “The Picco Incident

  1. Just watched the first two episodes. You weren’t kidding about it being an actual period piece – no masks, no cell-phones, no angry wingnuts berating the stewardesses. Hard to believe it was a simpler time!

  2. Agreed, Dave. Were it made today a lot of things would be different. but even then with Facebook being a thing we tried to tie in the lack of internet and inability to update FB status a running point to give Jack some camera-time.

  3. Thanks, Martyn! I actually think the decision to recut it into a web-series is benefitting the film. In this accelerated culture having a 10-minute episode to commit to is a lot easier than a 90-minute feature.

  4. Very cool Brad! I watched parts one and two and can’t wait to find out what happens next. When will the next episode be out?

  5. I check out episodes one and two – really well-done, especially the plane crash sequence. Chilling. And looking at Youtube I see it’s getting a lot of views – 9000 for part one, 8000 for part two. If you think that’s not a lot you’re wrong. You’d be surprised to find out that most YT videos get hundreds of views, not thousands and certainly not in the first week.

    Question; is there any plan for a DVD release?

  6. Do people still buy DVDs 😉 Good question though, Aron – I believe the plan is to release a compiled “full” version of the film, though I’m not sure there’s plans for a physical release. The script we wrote clocked in at around 90 pages and the current version is around 70 so it would be barely feature length. Tell you what – I will ask the producers next time we talk for you.

  7. Hey, I clicked on over here from Youtube after seeing your name in the credits – I didn’t realize you’re also the guy who wrote Magicians Impossible. That is seriously one of my favorite books! I can’t wait to see how The Picco Incident plays out from here but I’m sure it’s in good hands!

  8. Great series Brad! Looking forward to the next episodes. I actually appreciate that they’re nice, short, bite-sized. Was that intentional when you wrote it?

  9. Yep, Jared, that was me. Picco was written pre-Magicians (though the core idea of Magicians pre-dates Picco by a few years, to give you an idea how long it takes for a book/movie to make it to the printed page and screen respectively). Thanks for reading and watching!

  10. Jenny – The “bite sized” approach was not intentional as far as the writing went as we did write it as a feature film. That said, in writing the script Ben and I were mindful to keep things moving along so every 10 minutes/pages or so there was a natural “break” or turn or even jump-scare to send us into the next part of the story. I in particular am a big structure fan so like my stories to be well-paced in whatever format they’re presented in (see also Magicians Impossible, which follows a magician’s 3-act structure – the pledge, the turn, the prestige).

  11. Wow, I’ve watched the first three episodes and have to say I’m really impressed by it. The plane crash in particular from episode 2 is very well done, and the (spoiler) jump-scare in #3 literally made me jump! It feels authentic, is I guess what I’m trying to say. The family obviously loves one another but we can already see them beginning to unravel. Part of me would say that is a little far-fetched but given the last couple of years of Covid and politics surrounding it seems more plausible than it probably did in 2012.

  12. We were truly ahead of our time there, Andrew. One of the things Ben and I wanted to explore in Picco was the unravelling of a family. The “incident” refers more to that aspect than the alien/UFO one in my mind.

  13. I just watched all seven episodes – very cool, and I have to say for what I assume was a low-budget production the effects were amazing, particularly the aliens in the last episode and the plane crash in the first and second! Is there going to be any more episodes or is it done for now?

  14. Bill – I would imagine depending on how well received this first series of the Picco Incident is would determine if there’s more to come. The webseries is shorter than the film we wrote and filmed – lots on the cutting room floor. Whether it gets seen is out of my hands, but I believe a making-of will go up on YouTube in the next couple of weeks. maybe some questions will be answered there.

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