I’m the writer of MAGICIANS IMPOSSIBLE, MIXTAPE, FRESH MEAT, STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, and this bio. To ask me a question, just comment below.

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  1. Hello. I just read your article “5 Lessons from Screenwriting to Apply to Fiction” on Writer’s Digest and very much loved it. It’s inspiring to me at this point in my writing career–thank you for sharing these lessons, and good luck with Magicians Impossible.

  2. I loved Magicians Impossible, and it’s always great to see another success from the TDot! I hope that Magicians won’t be one off, you’ve built a wonderful magical world that truly deserves a sequel! Thank you

  3. Thanks! I’m hoping it won’t be a one-off either. Hopefully we’ll know more in the new year.

  4. Thanks! I have two more books in the series outlined (and a collection of short stories set in the Magicians world) but it really comes down to the publisher’s decision. Writing them about it helps, as does spreading the word to others you think might enjoy the book on social media or in person. Reviews on places like Amazon and Goodreads also make a difference as well. I’d love to do more!

  5. I just finished Magicians Impossible and loved it. Hopefully this could become a series going forward, backward and splitting off characters. Love to get more histroy on the Golden Dawn and the how they learned and wrote spells on their skin. Love descriptive battles! Definitely an advocate for your stuff.

  6. Thanks, Scott, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’d love to tell more stories set in this world but a lot of that depends on how this one does. recommending the book/posting a review helps, and Thomas Dunne Books always likes hearing from happy readers of their titles.

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