“A must read!” ~ Newsarama

“So clearly packed with love for its subject it’s impossible not to be charmed.” ~ Comic Book Resources

“Once in a while I find something so different, so fresh and so good that I feel lucky I even took a chance and bought the book. Chew was one such find; Mixtape draws the same kind of excitement and “wow” factor.” ~ Comic List

“The nostalgic perspective of the older and wiser, tied together with a strong hook of well-remembered bands providing the soundtrack to life” ~ Comics Worth Reading

001 (416x640)“Abraham is writing from his own experiences, as there seems to be a great deal of heart in this story, and I think that, above anything else, will make this comic something that people can connect with.” ~ Comics Bulletin

“Music is the soundtrack of our life and there’s a lot to take from it when it comes to how we feel at a time in our lives. Mixtape feeds into that, and sets its tone by the music that the characters are into ” ~The Fandom Post

Mixtape 03“There are so many elements to this story that work on more than one level, without the book ever feeling pedantic or overwritten. It’s an artful juggling act that [Abraham ]has done before, but he’s doing it even better in issue # 3.” ~ Reel Talk

Light-years ahead of the old Superman comics I used to buy; if you were growing up in the 90s and remotely alt-rock-ish, this is the stuff!” ~ Alan Cross

“Abraham [spins] his Quadrophenia-esque yarn like, well Quadrophenia without so many pills, or Mod Vs. Rocker riots, but with the same amount of brooding and head smacking “Jesus, were we really such douchebags?” hindsight as Pete Townshend’s opus.” ~ Rocker Magazine

Mixtape‘s teens are equipped with large dashes of stupid and, well, frankly, they’re not very fun. Which means that Mixtape is telling stories so eerily similar to actual teenagers that it’s frightening.” ~ Playback STL

“Four and a half out of five” ~ Geek Goggles

“I think [Mixtape] may just be just one of those stories that we can all relate to.” ~ Real Talk

mixtape _4small-test2“[A] great book and one that takes you on a seemingly sad and lonely tale that provides a new light at the end.” ~ Comic List

“The story is about learning to embrace change and uncertainty [and that’s] something that most obviously happens during this time of growing up, but that’s a lesson we can all benefit being reminded of.” ~ Comics Worth Reading

“Abraham has a knack for realistic dialogue, and for allowing situations to unfold naturally. Writing these types of stories can be a hard hustle. Too much and they become unrealistic, too little and they are boring, [but] Abraham concocts the perfect elixir of nostalgia, teen angst and great jams.” ~ Crave Online

“I give it 5 heartfelt “I’m sorry”s to every girl who knew me then, out of 5!” ~ Whatcha Reading?

“A big part of why Mixtape hits so hard is that Abraham and crew are so successful bringing back both the bitter and the sweet in all those small moments that are so unimportant at the time and yet so powerful” ~ Comics Bulletin

mixtape #5 cover-small

“[Abraham] captures the highs and lows of being a teenager in scarily accurate detail” ~ Comics and Cookies

“Mixtape is a must read for anyone that enjoys a great coming of age story or just a great character driven story” ~ Geeked Out Nation

“This comic book is something special” ~ Geek Goggles


Mixtape returns to comic book stores everywhere this September thru Space Goat Productions. Volume 1, comprising Mixtape 1-5, will be published bi-monthly thru May of 2016, with plans to release Volume 2 the following autumn.

As a result, Mixtape is no longer available thru IndyPlanet or iBooks, so those pages and links have been removed while we concentrate on the re-release. But Mixtape will be returning to stores, and arriving on an array of digital platforms, including Comixology and iBooks. Check back for updates as they’ll be coming.