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Hey out there. How’s things? Yeah? Good for you!

There’s been some much improved traffic and activity to this site as of late, and I have to assume its because I’ve been Tweeting more often. Still only a crushing 85 followers there but I’m still new-ish to the whole Twitter thing (@NotBradAbraham).

Here, we’re on the cusp of some changes. First up, this website will be undergoing a redesign in the next few weeks, to more accurately reflect the big news announced on the 24th, that MIXTAPE, my 90s Alt-Rock memoir is hitting shelves in February 2012. So the look of this site will be more “grungy” in look and feel. There’ll be more opportunities for you to join in discussions, win prizes, and more. I’m going to see if we can’t link this site to my Spotify profile (“MixtapeComic”), which will be extra cool once Mixtape starts rolling out. Each story has a playlist and a soundtrack and hopefully you’ll be able to listen to it here.

To that end I have reactivated the comments on this site. Hopefully the spammers will stay away for a while. So next time you stop by, say high, let me know what you think.

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I'm the author of MAGICIANS IMPOSSIBLE, writer and creator of MIXTAPE, the screenwriter of STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, ROBOCOP PRIME DIRECTIVES, FRESH MEAT, and this bio.

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