Teenage Riot

Okay, so it’s MIXTAPE month ‘round these parts, meaning February is the month that Mixtape finally hits finer comic shops everywhere.  We’re also going to have a digital version of the book available through the iTunes store to read on your tablet or other mobile device.  The “digital version” of Mixtape will also include a bonus playlist that you’ll be able to purchase through the iTunes Store.  Both will be available on February 29th.

My preferred version of Mixtape remains the physical book.  It was conceived as a monthly, as something you purchased at your local comic shop (still probably the closest thing you get to a record store these days), and it just feels right that these analog stories are read in an analog format like a comic book.  Most towns have at least one comic book store, so it should be readily available, assuming they ordered copies. Not everyone did, so if your local shop is one of those, let them know you want it, and we’ll get copies out to them.

But, some people don’t have a comic store in their town.  Some people would rather buy and download the book to read right away.  So, we’re aiming for that particular market.  I’ve seen the digital version and it looks amazing on tablets.  You can really appreciate the level of detail in Jok and Gervasio’s art, and you’ll find lots of “easter eggs” scattered throughout.

The playlist was an idea we’d been entertaining for a while.  Originally we wanted to have links embedded in the book that you could click and hear a 30 second clip of the particular song.  This may happen at some point, but for now, the playlist is just a list at the end of the issue.  If you’re reading Mixtape, chances are you have some, if not all of the songs anyway, but they’re a fun addition to the book – and somewhat integral to it.  These are the playlists I listened to when writing, and Jok listened to when illustrating, and is built around the main character featured in that story (in Mixtape #1’s case, Jim).

For non-digital readers the playlist is available on the Mixtape YouTube Channel found here.

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