Sell, Baby, Sell

You may have noticed the new Mixtape banner at the top of this page.  It was made by David Buceta, a Spanish artist.  David and I are collaborating on a short 2-page comic for a Fanzine he’s editor of.  It will appear everywhere when done, starting with this page and spreading like wildfire from there.  It was lots fun to write and was totally based on a thing that happened.  If it’s well received, we may do more.  If it’s not, we may do more anyway because we aim to please ourselves first.

Anyway, here’s the full version  of the banner.  It had to be cropped slightly to fit the above space).  And if you’re asking, yes I will happily trade banners with other creative types out there, provided there’s some common ground between us.  While there is great use for porn in this world, I’m not interested in promoting “Backdoor Sluts IX” or “Schindler’s Fist” here.  Likewise the multitude of spammers who keep posting messages that get themselves deleted before anyone reads them, you won’t get any love here.  But, say if you’re an indie comic book creator looking for exposure, or an indie band with a new release, or an indie artist … shoot me an email and we’ll talk.


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I'm the author of MAGICIANS IMPOSSIBLE, writer and creator of MIXTAPE, the screenwriter of STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, ROBOCOP PRIME DIRECTIVES, FRESH MEAT, and this bio.

5 thoughts on “Sell, Baby, Sell

  1. hay man i like the banner can i use and edit it to use on my dj website for the banner for my mix tapes there all free downloads if you want to check it out

  2. The banner was created by an artist friend of mine, and I’d rather not let it out for others to edit and promote their work. That said, if you contact him directly, maybe you and he can work out a deal for him to do an original piece for your site. His email is

  3. this is what david said to me , Glad you liked the banner. Mixtape is a comic book made by writter Brad Abraham and artist Jock. I just made a banner with Jock´s work. I don´t know if that “guy” you talked about was Brad, but if he´s ok with it I won´t have any problem with that. After all, it´s their work…

    so its your call buddie – like i said is not going to be used to promote just to be the banner of my webpage

    i can send you a pick of my small edit if you want to see (basicly just a crop of the pic)

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