Video Killed The Comic Book App

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on all things MIXTAPE. We have a few details to work out behind the scenes before we can make announcements on Mixtapes two through four (and five and six for good measure).

The iBooks version never happened. The app was completed and ready to go, then Apple and the Department of Justice had a lover’s spat, and all “non-grandfathered” books were left in the lurch. I don’t know when that will be resolved, but please know that the digital version of the book is available through iVerse’s “Comics Plus” app, which is free through iTunes. A pristine looking version of Mixtape #1 is available for the low introductory price of $1.99 and well worth it. Given the hard copy book is sold out this will be your only chance to grab the first issue until well doewn the road when we assemble the first trade edition.

I’m disappointed the iBooks version didn’t happen. It included the downloadable playlist, which was a thing of beauty 14 tracks, all providing a soundtrack to the story. Hopefully some day it will become a reality, but for now I think it’s best we shelve it. I don’t want it to compete with the version already out there.

One thing about this “lost” version is that we put together a trailer for it that was to run when you activated the Mixtape app. It has been posted to the Mixtape Facebook page, and can be viewed by clicking through here.

Thanks to everyone for bearing with us as we go through the usual growing pains associated with any creative endeavor.  Your continued support means everything.


Feel The Pain

Coming from the cuthroat world of film and TV, it’s easy to assume the world of publishing is like nirvana. Books are nice and warm and fuzzy, and comic books are comfort food.  In reality, the world of publishing is like being in the mosh pit of a Nirvana show circa 1992. You’re battered about, kicked in the face and occasionally wind up in the “Circle of Pain” where ‘roided up jocks with agression issues pummel each other and anyone who gets in their way.  To be more succinct; publishing is like any other creative industry; the “industry” comes first, followed several miles down the road by “creative”.  Publishers want to make money. They need to make money to keep publishing.  Every writer will have horror stories about their experiences, yet they soldier on, and use those experiences as cautionary tales.

I have yet to experience this first hand in publishing (film is another story — and it takes a few drinks for me to loosen the tongue and spew bile forth).  But the other day I read something that left me speechless.  It’s a cautionary tale, and a warning to anyone in the creative field; that sleazeballs may come in all shapes and sizes, but all leave the same distinctive slime-trail in their wake.

Poor Kelli Owen … all of the details here.  It’s an incredible story.