Triangle Below Canal

Busy times.

No sooner has the dust from MoCCA Fest 2013 settled that I find myself at The Tribeca Film Festival, to meet industry professionals, to network, and maybe possibly see some movies.

Movies like this one:


I wrote at length about the story of how my screenplay HELL FOR BREAKFAST became the basis for the NZ splatter comedy FRESH MEAT here, so if you missed it the first time around I encourage you to give it a look.

I’ll be seeing Fresh Meat for the first time ever next week, and am looking forward to it for obvious reasons.  Despite the bumpy (and much longer than anticipated) road that brought it to screen, it’s always an event when a movie you’re credited on plays anywhere, let alone a prestigious film festival right in your own backyard.

And once the Tribeca dust settles, we’re heading into Free Comic Book Day, and I will be able to make a cool Mixtape related announcement about that hopefully soon.

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