Mixtape #3

M3 cover

It’s here.

Mixtape #3 is available for purchase through Indy Planet right now. We’ll also be rolling it out to comic book stores in the coming weeks. You can also still purchase Mixtape #1 and Mixtape #2 thru Indy Planet as well if you missed them the first time around.

Mixtape #3 sees Terry and Noel travel to the nearby college town crawling with babes,
record shops, and a rock concert by an up-and coming band.  So why are they both so miserable?  Probably because these lifelong friends have both realized that they’ve already begun to drift apart.

Of the first Mixtape arc, this story is, I feel, the pivotal one, and the one the series revolves around. It’s about that moment when you start to realize just how much adulthood changes. How the friends you’ve known for your entire life are moving on, and that moment when you realize in less than a year you’ll have to say good-bye to them, to your town, to your life as you once knew it.

Because we’ve all been there, or will be shortly. And while social media has changed that particular moment somewhat, it hasn’t changed the fact that so much of our lives with others last for only a short time. Intersecting lines that share the same road for a time before branching off and continuing the journey alone.

I hope you all check it out.

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