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I’m a notoriously shy person. You won’t find too many photos of me online (and the ones that are = unflattering). I probably became a writer partially so I could be creative without having to actually appear in front of people. I was once asked by a producer to send them a headshot for a sales package they were putting together and I sent them one of actor Oliver Reed because technically they didn’t say they wanted *my* headshot.

Though I do share his smoldering intensity

Though I do share his smoldering intensity

I do like talking though (when I have something to talk about), as my hoarse, gravelly rasp earned at NYCC this year will no doubt strike you as you listen to this podcast I recorded with the lovely and talented Amber Love of Vodka O’clock. In it we talk mixtape, mixtapes, comic books, road trips, cooking (yes, cooking), and why so many great women are treated so horribly by the “geek” community (hint: because guys are dicks). Check out the podcast, and Amber’s website here.

Also, Crave Online has reviewed mixtape 1-4, and posted that review here. They said nice things about it and me, saying “Abraham concocts the perfect elixir of nostalgia, teen angst and great jams. While Mixtape does have the trappings of a period piece, [his]writing is strong enough to allow it to appeal to anyone who loves music with their whole heart.”

Thanks, guys. You might actually help me get over my near crippling shyness.

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I'm the author of MAGICIANS IMPOSSIBLE, writer and creator of MIXTAPE, the screenwriter of STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, ROBOCOP PRIME DIRECTIVES, FRESH MEAT, and this bio.