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  1. Hello. I just read your article “5 Lessons from Screenwriting to Apply to Fiction” on Writer’s Digest and very much loved it. It’s inspiring to me at this point in my writing career–thank you for sharing these lessons, and good luck with Magicians Impossible.

  2. I loved Magicians Impossible, and it’s always great to see another success from the TDot! I hope that Magicians won’t be one off, you’ve built a wonderful magical world that truly deserves a sequel! Thank you

  3. Thanks! I’m hoping it won’t be a one-off either. Hopefully we’ll know more in the new year.

  4. Thanks! I have two more books in the series outlined (and a collection of short stories set in the Magicians world) but it really comes down to the publisher’s decision. Writing them about it helps, as does spreading the word to others you think might enjoy the book on social media or in person. Reviews on places like Amazon and Goodreads also make a difference as well. I’d love to do more!

  5. I just finished Magicians Impossible and loved it. Hopefully this could become a series going forward, backward and splitting off characters. Love to get more histroy on the Golden Dawn and the how they learned and wrote spells on their skin. Love descriptive battles! Definitely an advocate for your stuff.

  6. Thanks, Scott, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’d love to tell more stories set in this world but a lot of that depends on how this one does. recommending the book/posting a review helps, and Thomas Dunne Books always likes hearing from happy readers of their titles.

  7. I just finished reading Magicians Impossible. One of the best books I have ever read. I love the magical/supernatural genre. I have read all of Dan Brown’s books, and I am a big fan of Doctor Strange-Master of the Mystic Arts.
    As I was reading Magicians Impossible I could actually view the fights and battles in my mind. I loved it.
    Keep up the good work

  8. This is a shot-in-dark but I wrote a script and I’m not sure it’s ready for submission. I know you only get one kick at the bucket when you submit to a serious producer. Anyway, I was wondering if you or someone in your office would be kind enough to take the time to give me a professional opinion. Of course, any constructive criticism will be appreciated. If you have time!


  9. Your best bet is to submit it to a literary agency that specializes in representing screenwriters. Their response will be enough to tell you how ready it is for submission. There are also various competitions and film festivals you can enter a screenplay in. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to look at screenplays written by someone else. Good luck.

  10. Magicians Impossible was such a wild ride. Loved it – the refreshing fast-paced & sharp writing style, the battle precision spliced with unexpected layers of character development, and wow…the magic – it has a taste of Inception meets Matrix and Dr Strange at Hogwarts – haha! Feel the rich influence of your comic book and films experience – thank you heaps for writing us a window into your imagination! Hope to re-enter your creative universe again soon! signed, Sheryl in Montreal

  11. Hey Brad, Loved reading your essays. I guess we really were kids of the 70s/80s……what a long time ago. Sounds like life is full of satisfying creativity. Hope you and the family are well.

  12. Yeah, it’s been an interesting run alright. You can imagine the path your life will take you when you’re younger only to find yourself much older and looking back and wondering how you got to where you are.

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